Thursday, July 14, 2005

Reichstag on Fire
Part One

The New Reichstag and
Greman Identity

By: Siamak D. Ahi

Whoever put Reichstag on fire, where I believe Hitler himself is to blame, was comfortable with destroying an important part of German Identity.

What kind of German would do that...?

Reichstag was built in 1892, a symbol of German Parliament. The German Parliament was founded in 1871. It took 20 years to build the symbol of "German Collective Identity". It was destroyed in 1933 fire and suffered damages during the WWII. It stayed Silent for half a century on the border of two worlds, the two superpowers.

This Symbol of German Collective identity has not been in practice for 60 years...!!!

After 60 years of silence, Reichstag again, became active to play a role in German Collective Identity. Does this new version of Reichstag symbolize the original cause of 130 years ago? Does it resemble the original German Ideas of parliament? Does it reflect the German traditions and way of life? ....After all, this building is a major symbol of German Nation.

Germans lost Reichstag once for sixty years.
This time they may loose it forever...!

Who is to be blamed this time?

To be continued...

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