Friday, July 15, 2005

Reichstag on Fire
Part Two

The new Reichstag and
German Identity

By: Siamak D. Ahi

This part is dedicated to reminders of the past and global impotance of Reichstag.

Destruction of a Parliament building to this extent is rare globally.

A historical moment of WWII. Defeat of Hitler is celebrated on the ruins of Reichstag.
But Reichstag was destroyed years before WWII. Ironically, also after the war, this symbol of German Parliament stood empty on the most dangerous spot on earth in cold war era.

Standing exactly on the frontline of East and West superpowers for half a century, Reichstag suffered greatly from politics nationally and internationally as well.

Does the "New Reichstag" express the unparalleld global importance of Reichstag? Can it convey the historical message of Reichstag to Germans? Does it serve the healing of German Collective Identity?

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