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Encyclopædia IRANICA

In my webpages, whenever I needed a reliable source, I found Iranica the best place to start with. Unfortunately from the possible 25 to 30 volume only eleven have been published and part of it is made available on the Internet:
--Siamak D. Ahi

What is IRANICA?

The Encyclopædia Iranica is a multi-disciplinary reference work and research tool designed to record the facts of Iranian history and civilization. In fact, it is the only precisely documented reference work on the lands, life, culture and history of all Iranian peoples and their interaction with other societies. It is to benefit scholars, students, as well as intelligent general readers.

From the biographies of notable men and women in every field of endeavor to descriptions of all Iranian cities and monuments (ancient and modern), from oil installations to major banks, from Zoroastrian scriptures to Jewish shrines to Islamic rituals, from Persian classics to modern novels, from Iranian flora and fauna to Persian music and folklore, from philosophy and mysticism and Persian calligraphy to Persian and Afghan architecture, no aspect of life in Iranian and related cultural areas is neglected.


The overall responsibility for preparing the material for the Encyclopædia rests with the Editor. He is seconded by an Associate Editor, a Managing Editor, and two Assistant Editors, each a highly trained specialist in one aspect of Iranian studies. An International Advisory Committee comprised of eminent scholars from countries where Iranian studies flourish, and a group of 44 Consulting Editors, as well as a number of specialized consultants assist in implementing the editorial policy. Articles are translated, edited, harmonized, and cross-referenced according to exacting editorial guidelines, unique among multi-volume reference works, combining precision and reliability with a concise, readable style.

Encyclopædia Iranica is a Columbia University project and is prepared by its Center for Iranian Studies.
Since 1979, the Encyclopaedia has been supported as a "major project" by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the foremost sponsor of educational, academic and research projects in the US.

Encyclopædia Iranica is a historic undertaking: the most extensive compendium ever conceived on the past and present culture of the people who speak an Iranian language and their contribution to the broader history of human civilization. In fact it is the only precise and reliable reference work on the lands, life, culture and history of all Iranian peoples and their interaction with other societies.

To ensure the completion of this monumental work the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation has been established since 1989. Partially supported by the NEH, the ongoing publication of the Encyclopædia Iranica is made possible by donations from institutions and individuals to either Columbia University or the Foundation, both tax exempt organizations.

To find out how you can help with an ongoing research project which is designed to promote the study of Persian history and culture please
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Editor Ehsan Yarshater Professor Ehsan Yarshater is the Hagop Kevorkian Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies at Columbia University and Director of its Center for Iranian Studies.
He has authored and served as the editor of numerous scholarly works. Among others he has authored Persian Poetry in the Second Half of the 15th Century (1953), Southern Tati Dialects (1970), and has edited the third volume of Cambridge History of Iran, in two parts, covering the Seleucid, Parthian and Sasanian periods (1983,1986), and Persian Literature (1988). He is the General Editor of the 40-volume Tabari Translation Project, and the Founding Editor of the Persian Text Series, the Persian Heritage Series and the Persian Studies Series. Lecture series in his name have been instituted at Harvard, the University of London, and the University of California at Los Angeles

The Beautiful pictures here are taken from Iranica Gala


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